Walking through polaroids of the past

Walking through polaroids of the past

1978 — Debbie Harry and Chris Stein

(photo: Martyn Goddard/Corbis)

Dee Dee, Joey  and Johnny stting at a table - San Bernardino, CA 1982

(photo: Lynn Goldsmith

Paul Simonon 

(photo: Chester Simpson)

Mick Joyce and Andy Rourke photographed by Paul Slattery, 1983

John Squire signing some autographs

(photo; Ian Tilton)

Sid learning how to play guitar 

(photo: Bob Gruen - 78)

Joy Division outside Manchester Cathedral, January 1979

(photo: Kevin Cummins)

"Making love with his ego, Ziggy sucked up into his mind…"

Ian Brown being photographed by some asian fans

The Clash, England 1980

(photo: Bob Gruen)